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Séminaire MOCS 02/04/2014

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Intervenant : Pascal Rebreyend, Lecturer in computer science department, Högskolan Dalarna Borlänge, Sweden
Date & Lieu : Mercredi 02 Avril 2014, 16h-17h, Salle 117-A, 1er étage, Bâtiment LC, site AES, UBO.
Titre : P-median problem in rural and semi-rural areas. How important are distance measures and approximations

Résumé : 

The pmedian is a NP-hard localization problem. In our research project, we are focusing in localizing hospitals and a high level resolution which leads to a huge graph representing the road network. Due to the asymmetrical distribution of the population and a sparse network, the use of an accurate road network leads to better results up to some extends. Two main algorithms have been used up to now: Simulated Annealing and Lagragian Relaxation. The presentation will also describe the pratical problems when dealing with real data.  

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