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Séminaire MOCS 30/04/2014

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Intervenant : Kamal SINGH, Ingénieur de recherche, Telecom Bretagne.
Date & Lieu : Mardi 30 Avril 2014, 15h-16h, Salle 117-B, 1er étage, Bâtiment LC, site AES, UBO.
Titre :  Recent developments in wireless sensor networks.

Résumé : 

Wireless sensor network (WSN) has emerged as one of the most promising technologies for the future. This has been enabled by advances in technology and availability of small, inexpensive, and smart sensors resulting in cost effective and easily deployable WSNs. However, researchers must address a variety of challenges to facilitate the widespread deployment of WSN technology in real-world domains.

This talk will provide an overview of wireless sensor networks and discuss the recent developments in the field of WSN. The talk will discuss the challenges that should be addressed in order to push the technology further. The discussion will focus on a recent phenomenon in WSN research that is to explore synergy between sensor networks and other technologies, such as vehicular delay tolerant networking in smart cities and cognitive radio, and explain how this can help sensor networks achieve their full potential.


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